Istinja Bottle : the perfect solution to your daily personal hygiene | Our Story
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Our Story

For centuries, millions of people around the world have been using water to clean their intimate body parts after answering call of nature.
Our research also revealed that many people are familiar with this method but their choice of vessel is often limited to using a watering pot, or empty soda bottle. Both seemed dated and foreign to the bathroom experience of many individuals.
Our team’s inclination was to design a portable bidet that is contemporary, sleek, and user-friendly. Moreover, introducing water based cleaning is an attempt to reduce toilet paper usage to save trees.
Istinja is a portable, lightweight bidet that will provide environment-friendly solution for maintaining personal hygiene by using water. This concludes our story – story of two friends who care about personal hygiene, nature, and environment.
It doesn’t take long at all to get spoiled with your Istinja! It can be awful when you are away from home and have to use a traditional toilet. The good news is that there is a product that you can take with you anywhere! Istinja is a revolutionary product that can be taken at home, on vacation, business trips, and even when you go stay with family or friends for a few days over the holidays.
The product is small so you can easily place it into your luggage. If you want to take it with you to public restrooms, it can be put into a purse or a briefcase. Istinja is very easy to use too. Fill the container up with water the temperature that you are content with.

Our mission

To work towards revamping toilet experience by using water to clean our intimate body parts. To create a united effort to contribute towards keeping our planet green.