Istinja Bottle : the perfect solution to your daily personal hygiene | Istinja Pink
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Istinja Pink

19.90 $


Istinja is made from pure liquid silicone, a very safe, BPA-free & Phthalate-free food-grade material that meets FDA requirements and PP lid. Eco-friendly, safe to use.

A purity bottle when folded goes from 7.5 inches to 3.3 inches for easy storage — perfect for camping, traveling, and trailing!

Easy-grip, squeezable contour shape is ideally suited for children, the elderly, and people with arthritis.

Holds 17.6oz (520ml) of water for effective cleansing.

Unit weight: 150g.


The economic spout and collapsible bottle make Istinja a perfect solution to your daily personal hygiene. Simply fill with cool or warm water and screw the nozzle cap on securely. Point the ergonomic spout down towards the area you wish to clean and squeeze the soft bottle to obtain a shower flow.

Environmental Benefits

Americans use, on average, approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper per person, every day. That adds up to over 3 million tons of toilet paper annually in the USA — a total amount that requires some 54 million trees to be cut down each year! Not to mention, the manufacturing process to produce toilet paper demands enormous amounts of water. Those 57 sheets of toilet paper used daily by the average American required 3.7 gallons of water to create… Using a bidet greatly reduces the amount of toilet paper you need, which in turn decreases resource consumption and benefits the environment.

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